Art & Living-Circle Wind-Kazenowa Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown

Junkyu Muto

Born in 1950, in Sendai, Japan
Graduated from the University of Fine Arts of Tokyo, Japan Design Department。 Then he traveled and lived in France, Spain. He finally decided to live in Italy and owned his studio in Roma. In 2000, his sculpture “Circle Wind” was accepted as a dedication gift to Pope and permanently installed in the Papal Summer Villa in Castelgandolfo. It was the very first time for Vatican to install such an abstract sculpture and it made Junkyu well-known artist in the world. In 2006、his sculpture was installed in Buddha Gaya – World Heritage, and in 2008 one of his “Circle Wind Series” will be permanently installed at Devil’s Tower, in Wyoming, USA – a sacred site for American Indians. As a future plan, one of the series of “Circle Wind” will be installed at the Ground Zero 9.11, New York wishing for a world peace.
WINE PARTY 2009.1. 8 (Thu) / 22(Thu) pm17:30 ~
At the OAKWOOD Premier Lounge, Tokyo Mid-Town Residence
wine party
We are pleased to inform you that the OAKWOOD Premier Tokyo Midtown kindly cooperated with Kazeno-wa Corporation to hold “Art&Living” to exhibit Junkyu’s works in the lounge of the residence. We would appreciate your visit and enjoy Jukyu’s works placed in the living space.

A wine party is going to be held to thank those who support our project and we hope as many people as possible will attend and share an enjoyable time with Junkyu Muto

Kazeno-wa Corporation/ OAKWOOD Premier Tokyo Midtown
Circle Wind
Circle Wind - PAX2000
Circle Wind - PAX2006
Circle Wind - PAX2008
“Circle Wind - PAX2000”
Vatican / Italy
“Circle Wind - PAX2006”
Buddha Gaya / India
“Circle Wind - PAX2008”
Wyoming / U.S.A.
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