In 2006 Circle Wind PAX2005 was permanently installed 
               At the Mahabodhi Temple in Buddha Gaya
We are pleased to inform that after very much time and efforts by so many people who supported and helped the project, the dedication ceremony was smoothly held. Representative of the project committee, Mr. Kazuo Noda expressed his appreciation for the kind cooperation and support of all the people involved.
Details of the ceremony at the Buddha Gaya
The Mahabodhi Temple in Buddha Gaya, a World Heritage. King Asoka built the first hall of the temple in B.C.3century
Unveiling Ceremony
Back of Junkyu Muto at the unveiling ceremony is the mail hall of the temple
Offering flowers to the temple
Offering a holly song
From the lest, Mr. Kazu Murakami – Ambassador Japan, Reiko Yukawa and Junkyu
Installed monument -“PAX2005 in Buddha Gaya”
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